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Digital Signage is a technology for displaying information from electronic (digital) media (displays, projection systems, etc.) install in public places. Easier advertising on monitors (digital signage)

The scope of digital signage is very wide - it is a system of visual information in airports, shopping centers, hospitals, board menus - in cafes, bars, restaurants and more.

The main difference between traditional advertising technologies (posters, billboards) is dynamism, clarity and attractiveness. By installing a digital signage system you are guaranteed to move on to a new stage in the development of your business. Consider the advantages (with no more examples to use) of the installation of a digital signage system:

  • Sales stimulation. If advertising monitors are installed in stores, they can be used as interactive sequences, where videos with your goods are broadcast as well as a channel informing customers about discounts and promotions. Such screens will attract more attention from visitors and will help sell similar products.
  • Relevance of information. This is clearly seen in the example of cafes or restaurants. Digital markers are used to display menus and prices. There is no need to reprint the menu at a time, it is enough to update the information on the computer and it will be updated immediately on all menu panels. In addition, with the help of bright effects and animations, you can choose the "daily dose" or other promotional items.
  • Additional revenue from advertising. The ability to duplicate any media content on the advertising screens gives you the opportunity, not only to pay back the cost of installing a digital signage system, but also to earn a quantity of advertising.
  • Ease of management. Digital signage systems are not only advertising televisions, it's a complete complex of technical solutions that allows you to create and manage media content from one workplace, regardless of the number of screens and their geographic location. You do not have to run to any TV to check that it works. All the information on each screen will be in your online mode and you will determine what, when and what screen to display.
  • High reliability and fault tolerance in equipment. In digital signage systems, you do not use home TVs in your business. Large loads, 24/7 operation, temperature variations and not always favorable weather conditions require special solutions that can run smoothly and provide high quality display and solutions that we provide. We only use professional displays.

Professional design and implementation of digital signage systems as well as professional equipment supply of the world's leading manufacturers.

By contacting us you can be sure that the quality of the services provided and the equipment at the highest level. Our experienced experts will choose the technical solution that best suits your requirements and budget.

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Call now: ☎+972-9-8821001