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UBIQUITI UniFi 99860-019-00 - Hybrid Cloud Device Management


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  • All features

  • Simple and easy connection

  • Server that includes the latest version of UNIFI controller with hybrid hybrid technology is understandable

  • Enables remote access to manage an UNIFI-based network from anywhere, anytime

  • Work voltage 48V 802.3AF or PASSIVE POE or 5V micro USB

  • Processor 4 cores

  • RAM 1GB

  • GIGA Speed

  • The control software is provided free of charge.

  • Suitable for controlling up to 1000 UniFi devices:

- Access points. 
- Switches. 
- Routers.

General features

  • The controller has a built-in cloud that allows control of several sites simultaneously.

  • One of the most advanced management interfaces in the world - easy, convenient and intuitive for the user, allows control and monitoring of users and devices on the network.

  • Flexibility in managing the wired and wireless network using VLAN and user groups on the network.

  • It is possible to associate the VLAN or user groups with separate access points.

Extended statistics 

  • Information about the most used access point.

  • Information about the access point with the greatest bandwidth consumption.

  • Information about the user who consumes the most resources on the network.

  • Loads in the network, Loads of traffic.

Wireless network management and monitoring

  • Mapping the network.

  • Network traffic management.

  • Monitoring the wireless coverage using a graphical indication on the sitemap.

  • Performance Monitoring: RF

  • Shows the transmit / receive power of the client relative to the access point.

  • Information about the 802.11b / g / n / ac wireless device

  • Possible throughput of the user.

  • Current traffic usage of each user.

  • Band-band support - transfers the user to the recommended frequency, depending on the client's reception and distance capabilities.

Management of a wired network

The controller enables the management of UniFi switches and routers, for example: WAN / LAN / VLAN.

  • Manage work mode for each port individually:

-Switching - Routing Standard In / Out.
- Mirroring - Two ports work parallel to backup (passes the same information).
-Aggregate - Both ports work concurrently to increase bandwidth (passing information year).

  • POE settings for each port individually:

- No POE
-Passive POE 24v / 48v 
-802.3af / at

  • Many L2-level settings such as Jumbo fram.
  • Bounce and diagnosis of each port separately, such as:

- Power consumption POE.
- Information about terminal equipment connected to the same port.
- Port speed of 10/100 or Giga.
- Troubleshoot network problems such as Loop.

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1 Year Warranty
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