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  • PROTECT HOME: See live 1080p video streaming of your home 24/7 and get instant Smart Alerts on your phone when Circle detects motion
  • USE CASES: Protect home while you watch over kids arriving home from school, talk and listen to pets home alone or check on home while at the office or on vacation-- all from your mobile phone or the Logitech web app
  • FREE CLOUD RECORDING & STORAGE: Replay, download or share recorded video for 24hrs from your secure private cloud-- even if your camera is stolen your data is safe. **Additional Circle Safe subscription storage plans with Person Detection and Smart Zones now available
  • SIMPLE 60-SEC SETUP: “Easiest setup, EVER. Love it!.. it was so amazingly easy compared to all other webcams and IP cameras I've ever used (and I have owned and used over a dozen of them over the past 20 years).” Connor- Amazon Customer
  • FREE TIMELAPSE DAY BRIEF: The only camera with a free 30-second timelapse Day Brief created from the last 24hrs. Or with a Circle Safe Premium plan, create a custom Day Brief from the past day, week or month or create a recap from a specific period of time like your daughter's birthday on Friday from 2-4pm
  • PORTABLE & RECHARGEABLE: Move Circle off the charging ring (up to 12hrs) as needed to watch over the kids downstairs or upstairs
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HP HD 4310, 1920 x 1080 פיקסלים, 1920 x 1080 פיקסלים, USB 2.0, שחור, Clip
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HP HD 2300, 1280 x 720 פיקסלים, 720p, USB 2.0, שחור, CMOS, Stand
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