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5-Port Gigabit Switch D-Link D-Link DGS-1005A

5-Port Gigabit

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  • כמות יציאות RJ-45 Ethernet 5
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5-Port Gigabit Switch D-Link DGS-1005A is a new series of devices to networks SOHO. These switches support technology, D-Link Green, saving energy, low heat dissipation and longer life without affecting the performance and functional characteristics. Five gigabit ports on the switch can be used to expand the existing network or the translation of the standard Gigabit Ethernet. Thanks to the energy-efficient power adapter (certified according to Energy Star Level V), compliance with the standards of the RoHS Directive on the restriction of use of hazardous substances, as well as through the Switch recyclable packaging is environmentally friendly. Fast and reliable networking Using Switch DGS-1005A can quickly establish a network in the office, as Gigabit Ethernet ports provide high-speed wired connection of up to 5 computers or other devices. Also, this switch supports QoS, which prioritizes network traffic, providing thereby an effective transmission of data, delay-sensitive even in networks with heavy traffic. With its stylish design and ease of use, this switch is ideal for use in networks today and in the future. Saving energy Switch DGS-1005A provides savings in several ways. The switch determines the connection status of each port and provides automatically powers down ports or ports connected to computers that employment was terminated. Caring for the environment 5-Port Switch DGS-1005A is designed to meet the requirements of environmental protection, in accordance with EnergyStar Level V and regulations CEC and MEPS, requiring the use of power adapters that reduce power consumption. .The switch also complies with RoHS standards to limit the use of hazardous substances and uses recyclable packaging, which significantly reduces the amount of waste in accordance with the WEEE directive.

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עדכון אחרון



Data transmission

טבלת כתובות MAC:
8000 כניסות
קצב העברת נתונים מקסימלי:
1 ג'יגה ביט/שניה
שעור העברת נתונים נתמך:
10/100/1000 Mbps

Management features

סוג מתג:


סינון כתובות MAC:


Packet buffer memory:
0.128 מגה בייט

יציאות וממשקים

Copper ethernet cabling technology:
1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T
כמות יציאות RJ-45 Ethernet:
שקע כניסת DC:

משקל ומידות

3.25 ס"מ
7.3 ס"מ
12.4 ס"מ


חומר המארז:
צבע המוצר:

צריכת חשמל

AC input frequency:
50/60 הרץ
AC input voltage:
100-240 V


דו כיווני מלא:
תמיכת בקרת זרימה:
תקני רשתות:
IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3az, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x

תכונות נוספות

Power LED:
תכונות רשת:
Gigabit Ethernet

תנאים תפעוליים

טווח טמפרטורות אחסון (T-T):
-10 - 70 °C
טווח טמפרטורת פעולה (T-T):
0 - 40 °C32 - 104 °F
לחות יחסית:
5 - 95 %
חיפוש וידאו אוטומטי לפי שם של המוצר (ייתכן שהתוצאה לא תואמת למוצר המפורסם באתרינו).

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