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Seagate Barracuda - internal hard drive HDD 3000GB Serial ATA III

Seagate Barracuda -

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  • מימדי דיסק 3.5 אינצ'
  • קיבולת אחסון 3000 ג'יגה בייט
  • דיסק קשיח , מהירות סיבוב 7200 RPM
  • קיבולת אחסון Serial ATA III
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Versatile, Fast, and Dependable
BarraCuda leads the industry with the highest capacities for desktops and mobile computers. With drives available up to 10 TB, the BarraCuda portfolio is a great option for upgrades at any price point. The uncompromising BarraCuda Pro marries industry-leading storage capacity with 7,200 RPM spin speeds for snappy performance and load times when gaming or performing heavy workloads. BarraCuda Pro also comes equipped with a 5 year warranty.

Amazing Versatility
Get the most out of your storage with BarraCuda hard drives. From computers full of photos and memories to gaming PCs that need more room to play, BarraCuda grows with you.

2.5-Inch BarraCuda Hard Drives Deliver!
Slim 7 mm form factor offers high-capacity and lightweight options up to 2 TB to store the files you rely on for work and treasure for personal use. Multi-Tier Caching™ technology that delivers snappy performance. Best cost-per-TB and cost-per-mm for economical upgrades to your mobile or laptop PC.

3.5-Inch BarraCuda Hard Drives Deliver!
Rock-solid reliability built on over 20 years of BarraCuda innovation. Versatile mix of capacity and price point options to fit any budget. Multi-Tier Caching technology for excellent hard drive performance.

Introducing the All-New BarraCuda Pro 3.5-Inch Hard Drive!
7,200 RPM makes the BarraCuda Pro the fastest 10 TB desktop drive available. Large cache size, coupled with Multi-Tier Caching technology, pushes your PC to new performance heights so you can load apps and files even faster. Plus the BarraCuda Pro is backed up by a 5-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Trusted Dependability
The BarraCuda family of reliable hard drives is here to stay, for years to come.
- Experience — For more than 20 years, Seagate has manufactured and delivered the super-reliable BarraCuda family of drives
- BarraCuda — Seagate's drive-reliability data simply speaks for itself, and the BarraCuda family is often recognised by leading publications and customers
- Worry less with a hard drive that has your back — BarraCuda Pro comes equipped with a 3-year limited warranty

3 years

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3 שנים אחריות
קוד פריט:
קוד EAN/UPC:
3660619400386, 0763649110225, 0763649097540, 0763649117859, 4923133127269, 4016139142456, 5996409226262, 4923113121492

דיסק קשיח

Hard drive sustained transfer rate:
210 MiB/s
RoHS תאימות:
ביטים לכל סקטור:
דיסק קשיח , מהירות סיבוב:
7200 RPM
דיסק קשיח , מספר ראשים:
כונן , גודל הבאפר (מקום אחסון זמני בזיכרון):
64 מגה בייט
מימדי דיסק:
סוג מכשיר:
קיבולת אחסון:
קיבולת אחסון:

משקל ומידות

20.2 mm
626 g
147 mm
101.6 mm

צריכת חשמל

זרם הפעלה:
2.5 A
צריכת חשמל:
8 W
צריכת חשמל (המתנה):
0.75 W
צריכת חשמל (כבוי):
0.75 W
צריכת חשמל (סרק):
5.4 W

תנאים תפעוליים

טווח טמפרטורות אחסון (T-T):
-40 - 70
טווח טמפרטורת פעולה (T-T):
0 - 60
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