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Computers, laptops, notebooks, PC and Mac repair service in Israel

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Computer and laptop repairs in Netanya. Our service center offers professional repair services for your computers and laptops. We will perform operations with the highest quality, and in the shortest time possible, providing the warranty for all works. We are ready to install various programs, as well as Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems....

Installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems

Buy security cameras DVR, NVR, IP Cam in Israel
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Installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems in Netanya and in Israel. We provide professional services for installing video surveillance systems in Netanya, Israel. Our experts have many years of experience installing video surveillance systems in apartments,  offices, malls. Places with high security requirements: banks, shopping centers, etc. By...

Mobile phone, smartphone and tablet repair service in Israel

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Mobile phone, tablets and smartphone repairs in Netanya Our service center is located in Netanya and offers the highest quality repair services for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. We are ready to repair even the most complex problems within the shortest possible time. Each and every modern gadget is a fusion of technology intensive, tiny and fragile...

Digital signage store in Israel

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Digital Signage is a technology for displaying information from electronic (digital) media (displays, projection systems, etc.) install in public places. Easier advertising on monitors (digital signage) The scope of digital signage is very wide - it is a system of visual information in airports, shopping centers, hospitals, board menus - in cafes, bars, restaurants and...

Drone repair lab in Israel

Drone repair services in Israel
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DJI Drone Repairs in Netanya. Call us: ☎ +972 (9) 8821001 Do you have a quadcopter or a drone that requires warranty repairs or some servicing after the ground impact? Now you don’t have to be totally upset or buy a new drone. Our service center will provide the most professional repair services for your DJI drone. We offer even the most complex repairs for DJI...

Idan plus DVB-T2 improving signal quality

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You are not familiar to us, but it’s easy to imagine what you are doing in front of the TV every evening: switching from channel to channel, hoping to find something interesting, but in the end find yourself watching one of the news channels. Of course, you are upset, and you ask yourself: why am I paying hundreds of shekels a month, but I watch the same channel over and...