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Cleaning products

1 Year Warranty
Anti Static Cleaning Cloth

1 Year Warranty
Screen Cleaner

cleaning spray for screens, screen filters, overhead projectors and copying equipment. Removes dust and dirt gently from all glass surfaces. Anti-static. Biodegradable.

1 Year Warranty
Compressed Air Cleaner 400cc

For cleaning inaccessible places in computer and office equipment. Sprays in any position without emitting any propellent, thereby significantly reducing the risk of short circuits.

1 Year Warranty
תרסיס לניקוי מגעים יבש
מטרת התרסיס: ניקוי יבש ללא שמן למעגל אלקטרוני הרגיש ללחות. מתייבש במהירות ואינו משאיר סימנים לאחר שימוש. נפח: 200 מ"ל משקל נטו: 134 ג`.

Buy cleaning product in Netanya, Israel

Computer online store TopMarket offer a wide range of cleaning products. Easy filters help you to choose the cleaning product is most suitable for your needs. As for the price of cleaning products, we are closely watching the cleaning products market in Israel and Netanya, and therefore offer our customers only the best prices, allowing you to buy cheap cleaning product.
All our products, including cleaning products, are certified and have the official warranty from the manufacturer.