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Computers, laptops, notebooks, PC and Mac repair service in Israel

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Computers, laptops, notebooks, PC and Mac repair service in Israel

Computer and laptop repairs.

Our service center offers professional repair services for your computers and laptops. We will perform operations with the highest quality, and in the shortest time possible, providing the warranty for all works.

We are ready to install various programs, as well as Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems. Furthermore, our experts will perform even the most complex repairs, changing parts and upgrading computers.

Here’s the list of the most popular computer problems, which can be easily solved in our service center:

  • Windows and application installation
  • Removing dust and dirt from your laptop
  • Computer and laptop diagnostic
  • Removal of viruses and antivirus installation
  • Unlocking Windows
  • Replacement of laptop display matrix
  • Replacement of laptop keyboard
  • Refurbishment after water ingestion (tea or coffee)
  • Laptop GPU replacement
  • Restoring private information from damaged hard drives

Computer help

In case if you can’t start your PC, your power supply is broken, as well as in case of any other failures, you can always come to our service center, where you will receive qualitative help and support. PC repairs in Netanya can solve virtually any problems!

We understand the importance of your private information (documents, photos and videos), thus making all possible efforts to save and restore it when there’s a chance to lose it.

Only the most competent and experienced specialists are working in our service center. We are using only professional equipment in our work, as well as genuine spare parts and expendable materials.

We offer laptop and computer repair services for the most popular and advanced brands: Asus, LG, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Sony.

We provide warranty for all performed operations and replaced parts.

Our computers and notebooks catalog

Desktop, notebook, workstation, Allinone, PC and Mac repair lab.

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