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Idan plus DVB-T2 improving signal quality

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Idan plus dvb-t2 in Israel

You are not familiar to us, but it’s easy to imagine what you are doing in front of the TV every evening: switching from channel to channel, hoping to find something interesting, but in the end find yourself watching one of the news channels. Of course, you are upset, and you ask yourself: why am I paying hundreds of shekels a month, but I watch the same channel over and over again?

We also do not know why, but we know for sure that there is a great alternative - and this is the Idan Plus decoder.

Broadcasts from Idan Plus are performed using a large number of repeaters located throughout the country, in particular, with the help of Cellcom, which provided its resources for use, which created an extensive coverage area with a high-quality and powerful signal.

Idan Plus viewers enjoy the excellent picture quality of multiple channels, without network drops, and interruptions, as happens with well-known cable operators. For these reasons, more and more large companies in Israel prefer to use this technological Idan Plus decoder.

There is no doubt that you are not reading this article now by chance, because what you use no longer meets your needs, and you are looking for a replacement. Keep reading, and be sure that you will not regret. There is a way to improve the current state of affairs, and reach a high quality, and even without loans for many years.

So what's the difference? - you ask. Let us clarify.

Nowadays, few people listen to the radio at home, but still continue to listen in the car. And this is a classic example, when the station you were listening to suddenly starts to choke, and disappears with a hiss and a rattle; and here, you pass that area, with a weak signal, and the broadcast suddenly comes back. The same thing happens with the coverage area in your home. For example, in the living room, the signal can be powerful, but in the kitchen or bedroom, works at the specific points.

Here that the powerful broadcasts of Idan Plus manifest themselves. The transmitting wave is much more powerful than that of the radio, which gives high digital picture quality and signal stability.

As you probably know, a good signal depends on the antenna receiving the signal.

You can choose between with three types of antennas:

- Passive antenna - without external power supply, suitable for different weather conditions;

- Active antenna - with external power supply. Such antennas are in different forms, and are intended for use inside the house;

- External antenna is the most recommended. This antenna can be installed in various parts of the building. One antenna can serve several televisions in the house.

In the hot summer, at certain hours, point problems with the signal may occur. The fact is that during this period the atmospheric disturbances are so small that the signals of neighboring countries can be mixed. This happens not only in Israel, but throughout the world.

Some tips for improving signal quality:

- do not be tempted by cheap decoders; study the market, listen to recommendations of people who already use. Many cheap decoders did not pass any checks, and their quality is very low. Think about adding a few shekels, and enjoy high quality pictures.

- if there is a central antenna in your house, we recommend connecting to it; However, do not forget to check its serviceability;

- after buying a decoder, and connecting it to the TV, you must perform an automatic scan - this is the manufacturer's recommendation;
The same action should be performed if you change the position of the decoder in the house. With the help of a decoder, you can determine the points of the best signal, and so choose the optimal location.