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Installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems in Israel

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Buy security cameras DVR, NVR, IP Cam in Israel

We provide professional services for installing video surveillance systems in Netanya, Israel. Our experts have many years of experience installing video surveillance systems in apartments,  offices, malls. Places with high security requirements: banks, shopping centers, etc. By ordering our installation service and video surveillance, you can be sure that you will work with the highest level experts. In addition, when ordering design, installation and configuration of video surveillance we have, you get several advantages:

  • Low prices for video surveillance equipment. Another area of our activity in which we succeeded is the sale of computers, electronics and video surveillance equipment. We have been doing this for over 15 years and we have the best conditions of manufacturers of video surveillance equipment, from video surveillance cameras, DVR, NVR and all the small elements such as camcorders, connectors and cables. We fully provide the project with all necessary equipment at the best prices. You do not have to look for something in different places or wait until they bring it. We have everything here and now!
  • Professional design of video surveillance systems. Our experts will choose the optimal hardware configuration that is especially suitable for your project. Determine the required number of surveillance cameras that will cover the entire surveillance area with maximum efficiency and not miss "dead areas". In addition, optimal routes will be set for laying cables or installing WiFi points, so as not to spoil the look of the house / store. Professional and safe work!
  • We work with any building, whether you are interested in installing CCTV cameras in your apartment or in a private house, or if you need to create a full video surveillance point for a shopping center or industrial plant. We are equally professional in installing video surveillance systems on any scale of buildings or stores.
  • Quality is everything! Every building or finished project  - is our business card for future customers, so we aim to 100%, the customer will be satisfied and will recommend us to his friends and acquaintances.

In order to start working on your building tomorrow, we need you to talk with one of our agents to estimate the budget that will be required for the project

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Setup and adjustment of security cameras, Netanya, Israel.

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